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Create exceptional gel nails in any look, length or shape.


Start with Sopolish, the most professional semi-permanent nail service.


There is nothing a fresh manicure can't fix


A great pedicure can be as soothing to the soul as well to the sole.


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Are you the next ProNails Salon?

Do you long to take your beauty business to the next level? Or do you have plans to open a brand new salon?

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In every ProNails Center you can find experts for personal advice and professional trainings.

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ProNails Academy

Learn at your own pace at the PRONAILS ACADEMY, from anywhere you want.

Our trainers are extremely happy to share their knowledge with you and give you all the help and guidance you need.

AW 22-23

Glamping Girl Collection

A collection for eco-warriors that love to combine outdoor glamour with a vintage vibe!

New collection AW22-23
New collection AW22-23
New collection AW22-23

AW 22-23

Enchanted Collection

This collection is not for fairy tale princesses that only love glitter and pink! It’s for ladies who can combine romance with everyday realness, the good AND the bad !

Smart and fast curing

The best LED lamp

This innovative LED lamp allows you to cure all ProNails Gels smarter and faster. This means significant time savings per client.

Gel innovation for the natural nail

This brand new all-in-one ultra flexible gel in a bottle will be your new BF in your salon!

Natural nail treatment

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Naily News

Get your naily dose of inspiration and discover all the latest trends, looks and innovations in our blog articles.

Nail Look

Nail art Designs

Our talented nail artists and educators worldwide show their most beautiful creations.

Quality and growth go hand in hand

Passion is contagious!

We guarantuee a perfect professional quality thanks to a full controll from a to z over development and production, with a unparallelled focus on testing to protect the natural nail.

Born in the '80

Made in Belgium

They say the best things are born in the 80 ties. That is 40 years of leading innovations, 40 years of experience in nail, hand and foot care,

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